Welcome to my personal website

My name is Piotr Marcińczyk.

I'm also known as piomar123.

My Master Thesis

System for monitoring user position in mobile mixed reality application. Position is determined using four DecaWave TREK1000 Ultra-Wide Band radio transceivers.

  • DecaWave TREK1000 kit
  • Modified firmware for smooth experience
  • UART serial communication
  • PC server application in C++ with Qt Framework
  • JSON packets over TCP
  • Local network server discovery
  • Mobile app for Android OS in Unity
  • Google VR SDK (Google Cardboard) framework

My BSc/Engineer's thesis

Weather monitoring station constructed over the cell phone. The system reads data from sensors and sends them using connected Sony Ericsson phone as a modem.

  • STM32F401RE microcontroller
  • NUCLEO-F401RE development board
  • C programming language
  • Ac6 System Workbench for STM32 environment
  • FreeRTOS operating system
  • Aosong AM2302 hygrometer and Bosch BMP180 barometer
  • Data transferred in SMS messages (on demand by a received SMS or cyclically after a configured interval)
  • Sony Ericsson K300i mobile phone
  • Modified DCU-11 service cable
  • UART with Hayes AT command set

Oryginał po polsku
English version soon

Dawn of the Silicon Planet

Project-Based Learning game in C# with Microsoft XNA Framework

  • Gamepad only
  • Custom game engine
  • Animation Blending
  • Collisions
  • Shadows
  • Glow Shader
  • Mirrors
  • Render Optimization
  • Custom level editor - Edytejshyn

Mastermind Game

Mastermind game in Java written as a final project for Advanced Programming Course in Java. The main task is to find the correct color sequence. Any white dot (peg) on the feedback board (right side) corresponds to a correct color peg but in the wrong position. Any black peg means that there is a correct color and position of one of the peg.

  • Apache Maven project manager
  • MVC pattern: separated GUI, game logic, DB access and model
  • MySQL database for storing players and game history
  • JDBC driver
  • Java Swing GUI
  • JUnit tests
  • JAR for download below works without external DB

Mathematical Methods in Computer Graphics

Three OpenGL projects in C++ with FreeGLUT library

  • Solar System (kind of)
  • Spring physics with parametric surfaces
  • Triangles animation

Arkanoid Flash game

One of my first games. Developed in Macromedia (later Adobe) Flash when I was 13, as a final project for the Flash programming course.

More coming soon..

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